London - Singapore - Berlin - Dubai

Our team of people have all lived and worked in all four of these great exciting cities and most importantly for our clients our teams know their way around the business communities of these regions - with exceptional clarity.

Our core teams are based in London, Singapore and Dubai...and we live in Berlin.

The business is managed and operates from the United Kingdom.

Berlin - of which much has been written; it is one of those places that either instantly captures your attention or it doesn’t. I came here with a group of likeminded souls in 1994 and I've been coming back ever since; in fact I have made Berlin my home.

It seems to me that Berlin still carries with it a sense of the exotic and a charm that has remained here within its soul ever since the early twenties.

The city has witnessed much anger and distress, although now it is learning to once again be proud of its of history, heritage and to take its place in today’s markets: in September 2010 Berlin announced a 12% increase in visitor numbers compared with the same period last year... the city seems to me to be crisis friendly too.

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